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Sliding, flush-closing sliding or hinged door wardrobes for the living room or bedroom: a comprehensive system that's all about flexibility and rationality designed to define and organise the space, with an extensive selection of finishes, handles and internal accessories for customising your look.

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Walk-In Wardrobe

A new and unrestricted approach to utility space: practical and roomy, walk-in closets are designed to meet different living requirements.

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Wall System

Storage units capable of producing creative, multiform solutions for decluttering living areas.

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Easy System

Easy System is a design that stands out for its pared-back look and impressive versatility. Drawer units and bedside tables become part of a larger system that can also include wall panelling, with or without shelves, floor benches, clothes racks, mirrors, open shelving, freestanding arrangements, desks and Box 12 storage units, creating endless furniture solutions. Each of the system components can be customized with an extensive range of finishes to choose from, including noce canaletto for drawers with Rays fronts.

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Giro Giro System

Giro-Giro System is a modular system of drawers that can be put together to create drawer units with drawers arranged on all sides.
It offers virtually unlimited options as the structure and fronts come in different finishes and colours that can be mixed and matched, creating a pleasing graphic effect with a run of broken lines that continuously intersect the vertical lines accentuated by the small metal handle. Designed as a freestanding unit to sit in the middle of the room – in the bedroom, inside the walk-in wardrobe or in the living area – Giro-Giro System is just as functional set against a wall, standing on legs or directly on the floor.

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Cube System

Cube System is a system of different sized storage units that are designed to be placed next to each other or stacked to create drawer units, bedside tables, chests of drawers and tallboys, as well as more complex arrangements involving wall panelling, benches, trays, document holders, desks, clothes racks and mirrors. The individual modules, which stand out for their mitre-folded fronts, can be tailored to your individual tastes with a whole host of finishes to choose from, including fabrics for the padded and lined panels.

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