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Bahne Candy Glass Vase Old Rose/White
Bahne Striped Candlestick holder in White/OrangeBahne Striped Candlestick holder in White/Orange
Bahne Hand Painted Strawberry BowlBahne Hand Painted Strawberry Bowl
Bahne Hand Painted Cherry BowlBahne hand painted cherry bowl
Bahne Hand Painted Oblong Plate with orangesBahne Hand Painted Oblong Plate with Apples.
Hand Painted Pear PlateBahne Fruit Pear Plate
Bahne Fruit Pear Plate Sale price£18.99
Bahne Cement Shell
Bahne Cement Shell Sale price£12.99
Bahne Mushroom Table LampBahne Mushroom Table Lamp
Bahne Mushroom Table Lamp Sale price£95.00
Bahne Fish PlatterBahne Fish Platter
Bahne Fish Platter Sale price£69.99
Bahne Marble Tic Tac Toe
Bahne Marble Tic Tac Toe Sale price£54.99
Bahne Mini ChessboardBahne Mini Wooden Chessboard
Bahne Tic Tac ToeBahne Tic Tac Toe
Bahne Tic Tac Toe Sale price£42.99
Bahne Playing Card Box
Bahne Playing Card Box Sale price£28.99
Bahne Dice BoxBahne Dice Box
Bahne Dice Box Sale price£15.99
Bahne Square Jewellry BoxBahne Square Jewellry Box
Bahne Square Jewellry Box Sale price£54.99
Bahne Rectangular Jewellry Box
Bahne Black and White Striped MugBahne Black and White Striped Mug
Bahne Mug with Small DotsBahne Mug with Small Dots
Bahne Mug with Small Dots Sale price£18.00
Bahne Mug with Black and White dotsBahne Mug with Black and White Dots
Bahne Candle Holder with Blue StripesBahne Candle Holder with Blue Stripes
Bahne Fish Glass CandlestickBahne Fish Glass Candlestick
Bahne Check Vase in Blue and YellowBahne Check Vase in Blue and Yellow
Bahne Terrazzo Round Dish MintBahne Terrazzo Round Dish Blue
Bahne Terrazzo Round Dish Sale price£19.99
Bahne Terrazzo Tray BlueBahne Terrazzo Tray Blue
Bahne Terrazzo Tray Blue Sale price£18.99
Bahne Terrazzo Dish MintBahne Terrazzo Dish Mint
Bahne Terrazzo Dish Mint Sale price£18.99
Bahne Light Blue Dotty Water Glass
Bahne Colour Splash Vase
Bahne Colour Splash Vase Sale price£35.99
Bahne Glass Vase with White and Blue Stripes
Bahne Dotted Glass Vase
Bahne Dotted Glass Vase Sale price£36.99
Bahne Tulip Vase Green/ Turquoise